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November 4th & 5th, 2016

The 2016 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge (the “Tournament” or “BCBC”) is a "real money" handicapping challenge. Players will be required to deposit $10,000, of which $7,500 will be the players’ bankroll for wagering during the Tournament. At the conclusion of the Tournament, any dollar amount remaining in the bankroll — whether it grows to $100,000 or falls to $100 — remains the property of the player.

Please register at www.Breederscup.com/BCBC or complete the following entry form: 2016 BCBC Entry Form (DOC)

Tournament races will include ALL live races from Santa Anita on Friday, November 4, 2016 and live races through the Breeders’ Cup Classic (the “Classic”) on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Again, Tournament races include all the undercard races prior to the Classic; Tournament races are not limited to only the Breeders' Cup Championships races. The Tournament will end on Saturday, November 5, 2016 with the Classic. Wager types permitted are Win, Place, Show, Exacta and Trifecta only. To avoid penalty, players must comply with the minimum wagering requirements noted below. However, players may bet more than the minimum requirements, and may wager winnings from their original bankroll. By the end of Friday, November 4, 2016, a minimum of $600 must be bet per race on a minimum of 5 different races held on Friday, November 4th. Should a player fail to bet the required minimum number of races (5) at the minimum wager amount required ($600) on Friday's card, 1,000 points will be deducted from the player's total score per missed race.
A minimum of $900 must be bet per race on a minimum of 5 different races held on Saturday, November 5th. Should a player fail to bet the required minimum number of races (5) or minimum per race bet total ($900) on Saturday's card, 2,000 points will be deducted from the player’s total score per missed race. No simulcast races may be wagered upon within the Tournament, other than those noted above. There are no caps on payouts. The player with the highest score, (which is calculated by taking player’s total bankroll less any applied penalties) after the Classic on Saturday, November 5th is the Grand Prize winner.

Of the $10,000 buy-in, $2,500 will be placed in the prize pool. If 350 or more players enter the Tournament, the minimum total cash prize pool paid will be $875,000. The unofficial prize pool based on 350 players:
1st Place = $250,0006th Place = $40,00011th Place = $14,000
2nd Place = $180,0007th Place = $30,00012th Place = $13,000
3rd Place = $125,0008th Place = $25,00013th Place = $12,000
4th Place = $80,0009th Place = $20,00014th Place = $11,000
5th Place = $50,00010th Place = $15,00015th Place = $10,000

In addition, berths to the National Handicapping Championship (“NHC”) will be awarded to the top fifteen (15) finishers in the Tournament. A hotel stay (up to $700) will be covered for the Daily Racing Form/National Thoroughbred Racing Association event or upgraded for those already qualified. If for any reason one of the top fifteen (15) official finishers cannot attend or has already dual-qualified for the NHC, the next highest placing contestant will receive the entry. Only fifteen (15) NHC spots will be awarded. Depending on a particular situation, Santa Anita and Breeders' Cup may assign an alternate qualifier. This is an official NHC Tour event and players earn Tour points in accordance with Tour rules and policies. Players must be Tour members to earn Tour points. If a BCBC participant is not already a NHC Tour member at the time of the Tournament, the Breeders’ Cup will comp your NHC Tour membership as a result of your participation in the BCBC.

Each participant will be issued a player card to be used for all Tournament wagers. This account-wagering card contains the "real money" bankroll of $7,500. Upon receipt, participants should test the card in self-service machines (or as directed at satellite locations) to become familiar with placing wagers and ensure the card is working properly. If a player loses his/her card or the card is not working, the player is responsible for immediately reporting the issue to Tournament officials so they may resolve the problem. Players must make only Tournament wagers on this card.

All BCBC wagers may be placed through any self-service machines throughout Santa Anita Park (satellite location wagering procedure may be different). Wagers will not be accepted through mutuel tellers at Santa Anita Park but there are numerous self-betting machines located throughout the facility. There is no requirement for BCBC participants to play in the BCBC from a designated location at Santa Anita. Players must place all wagers personally. No person shall directly or indirectly act as an intermediary, transmitter or agent in placing wagers for the player, unless authorized by Tournament officials. No player shall make advanced wagers with the intent to manipulate the leaderboard. All official track rulings will apply to wagers placed in the Tournament except as otherwise stipulated. The Tournament will be based on the official placement and mutuel prices at Santa Anita. If a player wagers on a track other than Santa Anita for purposes of the contest, the player may be disqualified.

If winnings less the wager exceed $5,000 and if the winnings are at least 300 times the amount of the wager, IRS withholding will automatically be deducted from the player's card. Whereas, for Tournament scoring purposes, the gross amount of the winning wager will be recorded in the player's score. Please note for purposes of wagering in the Tournament, only the net amount (the amount received after the IRS withholding) will be available to the player.

If a horse is scratched after a wager is placed, it is the player's responsibility to change his/her selection prior to the race subject to all other Tournament wagering rules. In the event a player is not able to change his/her selection due to a late scratch (within 10 minutes to post) which prohibits the player from wagering on the minimum number of races on Friday, November 4, 2016 or Saturday, November 5, 2016, the player will have the amount not wagered, up to the required per race, deducted from the player's final Tournament score. However, this amount will not be deducted from the player's personal bankroll. No penalties will be assessed on player wagers involving any horses ruled as non-starters by stewards.

9. TIES:
In the result of a tie for a cash prize placing, the prize money will be divided equally among the players involved. If there is a tie for fifteenth place in the Tournament and final NHC Championship berth, the player with the most money earned in the Classic (final BCBC race) on Saturday, November 5, 2016 will be declared the winner. If there is still a tie, the most money earned in the second to last race of the Tournament on Saturday, November 5, 2016 will determine the winner.

Officials will endeavor to post the standings on TV monitors throughout Santa Anita as well as email the standings to all BCBC participants at Santa Anita and satellite locations after each race of the Tournament on Friday and Saturday, November 4-5, 2016. Issues related to IRS withholding, late scratches or other matters could delay the posting of the scores. All standings are unofficial until the final results are audited and posted. Players are encouraged to maintain an accurate record of their wagers and scoring.

Players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Tournament. Players must be at least 21 years of age to participate in the 2016 NHC in Las Vegas. If a player will not be 21 years of age by the start of the 2016 NHC, the next highest BCBC finisher (alternate) will take his/her place. The following are ineligible to participate in this contest: licensed trainers or employees of Breeders’ Cup Limited, National Thoroughbred Racing Association, United Tote, AmTote, (and employees of satellite locations TBD) or any of their subsidiaries, or members of their immediate families, including spouses, children, siblings and parents of any of the foregoing. If anyone has any ownership interest in any horses running in any of the applicable Tournament races then all involvements must be fully disclosed in advance to Tournament officials.

12. TAXES:
Liability for any and all federal, state, and local taxes is solely the responsibility of prize winners.

Affidavits confirming compliance of all the rules of this Tournament will be required of all players. All prizewinners acknowledge that if they enter this Tournament under a fraudulent name and/or Social Security number, they will be immediately disqualified from this and all future Tournaments held by Santa Anita. Positive identification is required of all prizewinners. Positive identification is a valid government issued ID with a picture and the same address and birth date used on the entry forms, and/or such other form of identification as deemed adequate by contest officials. Social Security information is also the responsibility of the player. Contestants shall play a maximum of two entries. Collusion of entries between horse players is prohibited, as is any attempt to manipulate the results of the tournament.

The management of Santa Anita and Breeders' Cup Limited reserve the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to this tournament, without claim for damages or recourse of any kind. The management of Santa Anita and Breeders' Cup will decide all questions and definitions covered and not covered explicitly in these rules and their decisions shall be final.

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